Unified Systems Alliance


Welcome to the Unified Systems Alliance Fleet Command Center.


The Unified Systems Alliance is an STO (Star Trek Online) Fleet.It is our goal to extend to every aspect of fleet gameplay, not only across one faction, but a truly multi-faction fleet.

A fleet shouldn't be something you simply join just to get the best gear, but something you really genuinely want to be a part of, and people you genuinely want to spend your time with. Be it your very first time playing or you've been here since before launch it is our mission to not only make everyone feel welcomed, but to also be a place where you can come and frak the enemy, get help with any aspect of the game, or just somewhere to come and vent when you've had a hard day.

We invite you to have a look around, ask questions, talk to us in-game, and really get to know what we're all about and if you'd like to join us on the adventure that is STO.